HOTBOX Fitness began teaching it’s own brand of fitness kickboxing on April 1st, 2010 in Nashville’s wildly popular and Leed green certified neighborhood, the Gulch. The need for such a program surfaced from mounting number of workouts offering nothing more than a high price tag and lack-luster results at best. You’ll be sore but this is no karate class. There is a better way and we’re the best in town, period.

With the newest tracks turned up and an instructor strongly encouraging you the entire time, you’ll work harder than ever. HB kickboxing programs are beginner friendly, accomodate clients at every fitness level and is arguably the most intensely effective fitness concept you have ever experienced.

In July 2012, HOTBOX began its new program, "STRENGTH", to compliment kickboxing.  ”STRENGTH” is a program designed to increase overall strength and muscle endurance. From treadmills to kettlebells, “Strength” will expedite your fitness goals with equipment dedicated to dynamic fitness.

All clients enjoy the ability to participate in both kickboxing and strength classes each week. We also have some dope yoga classes on the schedule to help balance you out. 

Please stop doing workout videos in your living room.